April 24, 2014

  • Watched a Robert Jensen lecture on racism.
  • Read Eddie Huang’s latest blog post.
  • Read a little bit of Nietzsche. So women are the source of all folly…?
  • Watched Matt Lieb’s Bandwagon Haters.
  • Rooted for the Bobcats in a close loss :’(
  • Listened to Future of Forestry’s Slow Your Breath Down on repeat.

Slowly Running.

It was two weeks ago on a Sunday that I decided on a whim to go for a run. To be completely honest there was a little bit of walking and quite a bit of huffing and puffing. My Nike+ application monitored my run and I finished at a distance of about 3 miles and some change. Now some of you are probably aware, that in our societal vernacular, this distance is affectionately known as the “5K”. You might also be familiar with this term from the numerous pictures you see on social media around Saturday morn, and you have probably come to associate it with other buzzwords such as Quinoa, Vibram, or even Nude Yoga. I want you to now know that I am familiar with not just the term but the distance. Now normally I try my best to not enjoy things that are too Dominant Culture-ish, but I must say that I am kind of hooked. There is something satisfying about running with a purpose.

I also remember a college professor of mine telling me that running has been shown to have positive effects on mental health.

So it’s kind of like a shrink counseling, fat burner cardio-thingy, and EDM bump session all in one! Don’t judge me for listening to EDM by the way. Thanks.

5K Goals: Get down to 25 minutes.

Shoes: Nike Free 5.0+ & Nike Air Max 1

Music: Tiƫsto, Bassnectar, and Lindsey Stirling