Podcasting…to cure my own boredom.

Problem: I have a lot of time on my hands. 

Solution: Start a podcast. I like to talk sometimes.

Idea: Read you books while providing my own color commentary.

What do you think?

Podcast // Mixtape // Branding


Podcast // Mixtape // Branding



A solid interview. Well worth the read. 


From the Beginning.

When it comes to the daily grind, I am the enjoyer of the simple and the mundane. I love a monotonous and impermeable schedule. My first year living away from home, post undergrad, I had a pretty good one and was infinitely spoiled by a small town and a set of ride-or-die friends that enjoyed dining out and throwing brews back. 

Mon // Cheap Chicken Wings.

Tues // Half-Off Brick Oven Pizza & $2 North Carolina Brews

Wed // Half-Off Grass Fed Burgers

Thurs // Half-Off Mexican Beers

However, every once in a while I like to change stuff up. This change has come a little faster this time around since I have recently relocated to another city. Today I realized how important this change is because…I realized that I have been sweating a lot more than usual. 

I thought it was because I had been eating more spicy Korean food after a few years of only eating it sparingly. I also thought it was because I had gained some weight, but I’ve been working out pretty regularly and the scale is showing progress. Maybe I have cancer…yeah, I know, not funny. I’m not backspacing and deleting that poor joke to show some kind of transparency with you my reader. I’m an asshole.

I’ve realized that the three hour distance has put me into a different climate. I am closer to a body of water so the environment is more humid. I now live in a metropolitan area and not a one stoplight town. These mouth breathers around here don’t care for the environment as much as the hippies in the mountains did, I particularly don’t care, but I’m just making an observation.

So I have come to the realization that I need a new wardrobe. For the past twenty-some odd years I have always fallen into the “dress cute” category. When girls say that…I feel like a daisy. My lack of ability to grow facial hair has already hurt my self-esteem, being described aesthetically in a similar manner to kittens, party favors, and children’s dresses does not help. I also need to sweat less, fall and winter should help with that though.

I once read an interview with a supposedly very stylish man from some website, and this stylish guy stated that a man only really needs fifty articles of clothing to establish a good wardrobe. 

I tried to find that interview and failed miserably. This leads me to believe that maybe I shouldn’t take that dude’s advice since it did not stand the test of time nor does it seem that said website felt like it was worth the real estate. 

Either way, I’m challenging myself. I am going to rebuild my wardrobe. I am going to aim for fifty quality pieces. As a lover of shoes, this can be hard, I typically keep quite a few in the rotation but that will be the first place I will begin to scale back. Plus I’m tired of standing in lines to buy Jordan’s. I don’t want to get shot over some sneakers and I’m kind of sick of waking up at ridiculous hours.

So what do I need? What do I want? Where do I start?

I’ll let you know as I go. 


This has me enamored. 


Nike Air Max 1 ‘HOA’ (by jaybeezishangintough)


Nike Air Max 1 ‘HOA’ (by jaybeezishangintough)


Rag & Bone // Standard Issue

Recently got myself a pair of Rag & Bone’s Standard Issue.

Nothing to rave about but definitely holds its own. 

I’ll throw up some pics as I go through them in the next year. 

I recommend sizing down 1-2 depending on the fit you want. 



Playlist // 9.2.2014

  • Daughter // Still
  • John Mark McMillan // Future.Past
  • James Blake // A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)
  • ILOVEMAKONNEN // Club Going Up On A Tuesday
  • Afrojack & Jack McManus // Freedom
  • MF Doom // Saffron
  • Wrabel // Ten Feet Tall
  • The xx // Chained
  • Maps and Atlases // Pigeon
  • Action Bronson // Strictly For My Jeeps

The Stature of Man.

Humans are incredible creatures. We number in the billions and we are scattered all across the world. We are capable of incredible feats of generosity as well as devastating acts of hate. 

Like most things, there are good humans and bad humans. This is a rather difficult thing for me to say as I wish not to believe it. I have always held to the thought of, “People are better than their worst mistakes.” However, it is hard to say such an ambitious statement in the face of someone or a mass when they have become victims of irrational hate.

It saddens me that I seem to find more and more troubling news everyday that shows turmoil in the conscious psyche of humankind. We live in a hectic world that sometimes is more consumed with a 3 minute song or leaked nude photo than the thought of people dying from hunger and preventable diseases. Again another ambitious statement, but maybe if I begin to change and to become a better member of society and humankind, maybe I can be a small catalyst to some sort of positive change.

I want to be a good human. I want to be a good man. I want to be a good son. I want to be a good brother. I want to be a good friend. I want to be a good teacher. I want to be a good worker. I want to be a good…

good (adj.) // morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: “a good man.”

I used to believe that being good meant not doing bad and in a sense that is true, but I often fall into a grey area. That grey area being not doing anything at all. I don’t like racism or classicism, I find it to be a bad thing, yet I am not active enough in combating it in my small realm of community. I want to be an actively good person. 

I want it to be more than just because I’m a Christian. I want it to be more than just because of how I want to people to perceive me. I want less of me.

I am young. I have the world ahead of me. I desire positive change. 

And I pray that this becomes more than just a blog post. I hope that it becomes how I actively live my life. 


John Mark McMillan // Future  // Past

"Where could I run, where could I hide from Your heart’s jealous fire…"

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